Delaware North Companies Australia
- New Starter Forms

Please note that you will need to have Adobe Reader ™ installed to view / print these forms and will not be able to save data in these forms. Complete, print and sign the required documents before returning them to your HR Coordinator or Line Manager. Refer to the instructions provided by the HR department when returning the documents. Unsigned documents will not be accepted. No forms will be accepted electronically. Thank you.

Form: Description / Instructions:
HR Acknowledgement Form Please print and sign this form AFTER you have read and understood the content in the Online Induction, Policies and Procedures and your Site Handbook.
Personal Details Form 2017 A personal details form (PDF) is required to provide Delaware North with information such as your address and bank details. A new copy of the form must be submitted when the relevant details change.
TFN Declaration 2017 The Australian Tax Office (ATO) requires a Tax File Number (TFN) Declaration to be completed by each employee for submission. Without a properly completed TFN Declaration, you may be subject to a higher tax rate or not allowed to commence your employment.
Superannuation Choice Form 2017 A Superannuation Choice Form must be completed by all new team members, even if the default Superannuation Fund (HostPlus ™) is selected. If an alternate Superannuation Fund is selected, team members must also supply a Letter of Compliance from the alternate Superannuation Fund.
Join HostPlus ™ Online If you are electing to join the company default Superannuation Fund HostPlus ™ and are not already a existing member, please click the provided link to join online instantly. During this process you will be provided a new membership number. Once complete please provide your membership details on the above Superannuation Choice Form for processing. Alternatively you can elect to fill out the online paper form to be printed, signed and returned along with your other new starter forms. Please note this process will take HostPlus ™ longer to provide your membership details which could take in excess of three months.
Please select your site / venue as per your contract in order to display the ABN Number and HostPlus ™ Employer Number required in Step #4 of the HostPlus Membership Form or when enrolling online.

HostPlus Account No:

ABN Number:

Trading Name: